Photo Fog

When first seeing this product ad on the net, I didn't believe the pictures. Since I am of very curious nature, I decided to purchase this product in order to test it myself. Here are the original, unretouched pictures of the "Photo-Fogged" license plate. The first picture was taken of the license plate, without the use of a flash. The original license plate number has been changed for privacy.

Following is the same exact picture, from the same distance, but with the use of flash. Notice the numbers are unreadable!

I thought the product's effectiveness would be reduced by distance, but apparently that's not the case. With the use of the same weak flash, from a distance of about 25 meters, the numbers are still unreadable. Please do keep in mind that police make use of high intensity flash.

Of course, it works even better at night.

*This page is for informational purposes only. You must check with your local authorities for laws concerning the use of this product on the road. I personally do not promote speeding, and do not use or plan to use this product on public roads. For more information on Photo Fog, please visit