January 27th, 2001..... JiePie urgently needs updating....

Let me tell you a bit about my summer vacation first. As usual, I went back to Boston, Massachusetts for a period of about 3 months. There, I went back to Eagle East Aviation to finally grab my pilot's license. Pictured below is one of the planes I flew with during this time: a Cessna 172 single-engine 4-seater. Right now the plane is being cleaned by my friend Keith (pictured on right-hand side) and his little buddy (I forgot your name, son).

As you can imagine, I was completely hyper-happy when I passed the flight test, so I asked a couple of old pals if they wanted to go with me on a formation jump. That's a moment I'm not ready to forget. I was so happy I would have started stripping in mid-air (it was kinda cold though...)

Well, so much for my summer vacation. I returned home after 3 months of blasting fun... as you can see I am very excited and motivated to return to the books.

Below, meet Stan, the man from the Middle East. His "back to school" reaction was quite different from mine. They always say that people from the Mid-east are a little more aggressive than us.

The Middle East dude returned to his normal self after a few weeks of intensive treatment in a high security facility. Welcome back, Stan.

Everything being back to normal, Stan and I went back to business as usual. Look at what we purchased through the black market in Romania. She is blond, has blue eyes, and understands english. We pretended that we would use her as a model to present cars in picture-commercials. There she is standing happily in front of our Batmobile.

Well we did enjoy her company before selling her to Ahmed from Bangkok. Sometimes I have the impression that there is some family resemblence between the both of us.

Well I don't really know if this picture belongs here. The night we sold Tatiana, we climbed on top of a statue of Stalin, to show the Russian people our might and power.

It's a small world. A week after the sale, we met Tatiana and SŸndus (a girl we had sold to the allmighty Thiz,pictured between Stan and JiePie, a few months before) at a party. The buyer of Tatiana, pictured on the left, is a Palestinian reform activist.

After the party, we were so trashed that I can't remember now where I slept that night.

Well, life goes on, we made a lot of money, so we held a motorbike rally in our private forest. Pictured below is Gregory (nicknamed "The Virus"). He provides us with the necessary connections in Sicily and Greece. His primary activity is to trace law enforcment officials on the 'Net and disable them electronically. Right here he is trying to demonstrate a wheelie with his Monkey 50cc off-road motorbike. Greg, when are you gonna come back here with that puppy??

Next contestant in our rally was the allmighty Thiz, on his modified Kawasaki 1100 motorbike. The bright red death-machine on the right side of the picture is my undisputed world-class winner multi-purpose riding trashbike. It used to get me places... Now it has been bought over by a good friend of mine, who has completely rebuilt it from the ground up, making it one of the world's most re-knowned endurance machines ever.

Well, when you invite others to race with you, it is polite to let them win... So here is our winner, the allmighty Thiz. Check out his website at http://www.wetdreamsinc.com

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